Thank you!

Welcome and thank you for your interest! I'm excited to share some of the journey I've been on these past years in hopes of bringing a smile to your face.

I've enjoyed a 25 year career behind the camera as a professional video producer, director, and editor, but it was really my wife and two daughters who inspired me to dabble in photography -- always posing my girls for photos on family trips, always seeking a better camera so I could capture the perfect moments ... my three girls support me, encourage me, challenge me, and motivate me to become better at the things I love ... and when they have more pressing obligations, our little white fluff-dog Daisy has been a willing companion.

These days when I have a video shoot in a fun location I make sure to extend the trip for a few days and go on a mini photo safari. When I'm back home stuck working indoors in my editing cave, looking at these pictures helps me remember the fun times I had when I was taking them.

A few years ago some friends started asking for copies of my images, and this website is the result of those requests. I hope you have fun discovering some cool moments I've been lucky enough to be part of ... imagine yourself standing with me in the rain on a cliff in western Ireland, or hiking down a beach in Maui in the warm sun, or donning a Snorkel Bob's mask and chasing some eagle rays in the crystal clear waters ... and breathe and relax ...

I launched this site as a way of saying thank you -- to the friends who encourage me and to the gracious locals who welcome me into their communities and let me film some of the natural beauty of their world. Visit our charity page to read about the people we support through this site; learn how you and I together can invest in communities which embrace visitors like us with a smile on their face and thoughts of friendship in their hearts.

Warm regards,


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